Pritunl Client Apple Silicon Beta

Nov 18, 2020

A beta Pritunl Client for Apple Silicon has been released. This client contains Apple Silicon builds of the OpenVPN and GUI process. The service process written in Go will currently run with Rosetta translation. Additionally a new icon has been included to match the Big Sur icon design. This beta release is also available for x86_64 MacOS.


The beta client is available on the GitHub releases page, use the file for Apple Silicon Macs. There is currently an issue with notarization that is only effecting the Apple Silicon build but the package signature can be manually checked by running pkgutil --check-signature Pritunl.pkg. When using the Apple Silicon build the Apple verification must be overridden by clicking Allow in the Security & Privacy settings.


Below are iperf3 speed tests done over a OpenVPN connection to a Pirtunl server with default settings on three different systems.

-System Specs
Mac Mini - Apple M1
MacBook Pro - Intel i7-7820HQ
Linux Client - Intel i7-8700K
Pritunl Server - AMD EPYC 7401P
-Ethernet speed without VPN connection
Mac Mini - 941 send / 940 recv
MacBook Pro - 941 send / 940 recv
Linux Client - 991 send / 989 recv
-Ethernet speed with VPN connection
Mac Mini - 260 send / 259 recv
MacBook Pro - 275 send / 274 recv
Linux Client - 540 send / 539 recv


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