Pritunl Client v1.2

2 min readSep 4, 2020

Pritunl Client v1.2 has been released. This new release includes a new command line interface that will replace the previous pritunl-client package on Linux. The profile autostart has been improved with system profiles. The new client is available on the Linux repositories today, the macOS and Windows client will be released to the homepage later next week after additional testing. The new macOS and Windows client can still be downloaded from the GitHub releases.

Autostart System Profiles

The client has been redesigned to support autostart system profiles that are available to all users on the system. These system profiles will start before user login without the need for opening the GUI interface. This can be enabled by selecting autostart in the profile menu. Once done the profile will be relocated from the user directory to a system directory and the “(system)” label will be appended to the profile name. Turning off autostart will move the profile back to the user directory.

Command Line Client

The new pritunl-client package on Linux will replace the previous Python client with a new Golang client. The new client has shared codebase with the GUI Electron client. The pritunl-client-electron package will include both the GUI and CLI client. Command line usage for the client is available in the documentation. Below is screenshot of the watch command which will display the status of profiles.


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