Pritunl Cloud — Oracle Cloud Integration

3 min readFeb 18, 2019

Pritunl Cloud v1.0.1180.14 has been released. This release includes Oracle Cloud integration with support for bare metal and nested virtualization.

Oracle Cloud Nested Virtualization

All virtual servers on Oracle Cloud support nested virtualization with KVM support. This allows Pritunl Cloud to run on any Oracle Cloud virtual server in addition to the bare metal servers.

VPC Networking

The Pritunl Cloud VPC networking has been redesigned to run on the layer 3 Oracle Cloud VCN with VXLANs to support a layer 2 VPC network for private communication between Pritunl Cloud instances on an isolated network. This system will support thousands of Pritunl Cloud VPCs running on one Pritunl Cloud cluster.

Host Networking

Host networking has been added to bridge a connection between servers on the Oracle Cloud VCN and Pritunl Cloud instances. The design of the Oracle Cloud platform prevents assigning each Pritunl Cloud instance with a public IP address. Instead a host network is created on each Pritunl Cloud host and every instance will be given an IP address on this network. The host network is then added to the Oracle Cloud VCN route tables to allow all Oracle Cloud servers on the same VCN to access the Pritunl Cloud instances using the host IP addresses. All modifications to the Oracle Cloud route tables is automated using the Oracle Cloud API. A load balancer or VPN can then be used to provide access to services on the Pritunl Cloud instances to the public internet.

Oracle Cloud Tutorial

A full tutorial for configuring a Pritunl Cloud cluster on Oracle Cloud is available in the documentation.


All of the additional features for Oracle Cloud will be included in the free Pritunl Cloud plan with support for unlimited servers.

Live Demo

A live demo of Pritunl Cloud is available to demo the web console.


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