Pritunl Cloud Release Announcement

Pritunl Cloud v1.2.2261.49 has been released in the stable repository. This release includes new desktop functionality, performance improvements and improved security. The Pritunl KVM repository has also been updated to include QEMU v6.2.0 packages.

Pritunl Cloud can now automatically configure HugePages on the host. All instance memory will be allocated in the HugePages. This improves instance performance and prevents the host from interfering with instance memory.

Source/destination checking for the instance network adapter is now enabled by default. This can optionally be disabled for instances that require routing capabilities.

Graphical desktop GUI support is now available when running Pritunl Cloud on a Fedora Desktop. OpenGL acceleration can be configured with the Virtio OpenGL mode. The Fedora QEMU packages must be used for GUI support.

ClipSync has also been developed for desktop GUI use cases to provide clipboard sharing between a Linux host and guest over the network. The X11 library is used to activate on clipboard update events instead of polling at a regular interval.

Instances can now be launched with Spice enabled for remote desktop control with the Spice protocol.

A Unix user will now be created for each instance and the hypervisor process will run under this user. This removes root access from the hypervisor process. Additional QEMU sandboxing options are also enabled when available.

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