Pritunl Cloud Release Announcement

2 min readDec 27, 2018

Pritunl Cloud v1.0.1129.29 has been released. Support for multiple network interfaces and linked disks is now available. This improves network scalability and allows for faster instance startup with reduced disk usage.

Linked Disks

A new option has been added to the disk and instance creation panels to enable linked disks. This will create a link to the base image of the instance or disk and use qcow copy-on-write when modifying the disk. This reduces disk space and allows for very fast instance startup. The option can be enabled and disabled for each individual instance. Currently it’s recommended to only use the option for temporary instances where faster startup time and lower disk usage is needed. Below is an example of 20 instances starting in 40 seconds on one Pritunl Cloud host.

Multiple Network Interfaces

Previously only two interfaces could be configured on each node. One for internal and external traffic. This update adds support for configuring multiple interfaces for internal and external traffic. The Pritunl Cloud node will automatically balance the instances between the interfaces, bridging the instance to the interface with the least instances.

AWS Cost Comparison

A cost comparison of a Pritunl Cloud AMD EPYC 7000 server vs AWS m5a.large is now available in the documentation.

Live Demo

A live demo of Pritunl Cloud is available to demo the web console. A Getting Started tutorial is available for installing Pritunl Cloud.


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