Pritunl Cloud v1.2.1807.79 Released

2 min readNov 5, 2020

Version 1.2.1807.79 of Pritunl Cloud has been released. This release adds a VNC client to the web console, a new backup command and improved disk snapshots.

VNC Client

A VNC client has been added to the web console to allow fast and easy access to instances with VNC enabled. The VNC connection uses a WebSocket that is proxied through the Pritunl Cloud web server. This allows a secure connection between the Pritunl Cloud web server and the client without requiring additional public ports to be opened. This feature will also allow for the future support of installing operating systems with an ISO. These instances will be configured without cloudinit and instead use a custom DHCP server to configure the instance IP address. This new feature is currently under development.

Backup Command

A new backup command has been added to export a full backup of all local Pritunl Cloud data to a specified directory. The command will work while instances are running and sends a QMP command to each running instance to initiate a live backup. This will safely export all data to an external directory such as an iSCSI or NFS mount. All files including the disk images are only copied once directly to the destination directory and will not require the double copy used for the S3 backup/snapshot. This command can be used in a scheduled systemd unit or cron script for automated regular backups. All other data is stored on the MongoDB database. To restore a backup on a new system first restore the configuration file /etc/pritunl-cloud.json and copy the backup data to /var/lib/pritunl-cloud The system will then be fully restored and can be very quickly started again.

Improved Snapshots

The snapshot system has also been improved to use the new QMP command to safely snapshot running instances. Snapshot speed has also been significantly improved.


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